"Mr. Mahoney displays genuine enthusiasm for the topics he presents and a passion for the quality of the learning experience he provides his audience, artfully blending the use of humor into his presentations.”
Lori Pbert, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Medicine
University of Massachusetts Medical School

“Dennis has been a valued guest speaker in my graduate level interdisciplinary course Health Promotion: A Global Perspective for the past several years. His presentations on Tobacco Cessation and Control are consistently current and very relevant to students in the health professions. He readily engages the students in discussions and the consensus based on student evaluations is that the content is very useful in their clinical practice."

Patricia Rissmiller RN, DNSc, PNP
Simmons College

"Dennis’s programs are wonderful. His health and wellness programs are well received at Arnold Worldwide (Advertising). The feedback has been very positive. Some of our employees have shared that their lives have been changed. Some have asked if their partners or spouses could come to Arnold to participate in your programs. It has been a very busy time for the Arnold employee, yet Dennis’s programs offer quality, cost effective ways to have our employees leave the work for a while, learn new life changing skills, bond with co-workers, reduce stress and have fun. I have and will continue to recommend his programs to any company that wants to try a fun, innovative, and life changing programs such as these."
Maurice Haynes – Vice-President
Work Life Programs - Arnold Worldwide

“What can I say about Dennis Mahoney? Diverse audiences from the health center world to graduate student classes light up when Dennis is the presenter. His professional demeanor, attention to substance and detail, humor, and his respectful approach to difficult questions is uncanny. Of all the speakers we have in our graduate health systems course Dennis scores the highest evaluation scores. Students score his speaking ability, professional materials and audience engagement at the top level. As a state association director I find Dennis easy to work with. He is flexible, timely and courteous and I recommend him without reservation to colleagues."
Jim Hunt, President and CEO
Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers and Adjunct Professor

“Dennis has been highly instrumental towards helping me successfully start my own speaking and consulting practice. His step by step system on how to initiate and promote my business has allowed me to eliminate common mistakes made by others. Dennis has the ability to simplify complex concepts into easy accomplishable tasks”
Thomas Labelle – Firefighter & Paramedic

"I have known Dennis Mahoney for over ten years. I first met him in 1994 when he was working with the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers in Boston under a contact with the Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program. I was working under a Tobacco Treatment contract at Falmouth Hospital, Falmouth Massachusetts – Cape Cod. Dennis was instrumental in helping me set up this program. He was always available by phone or for a visit at moment’s notice. His knowledge and expertise in the field was invaluable. As the contracts changed over the years, as well as our positions, Dennis was always in a position of helping me. Whether it was a clinical training or systems implementation, Dennis has always delivered on time and with vigor. Dennis has also mentored myself in starting and promoting my own healthcare training and speaking business".
Roberta D. Brooks BA, RRT, MCTTS, CPR/First Aid Instructor AHA


Build, & Grow a Profitable Healthcare Consulting and Speaking Business


"Boston University School of Medicine has two National Cancer Institute funded grants to provide cancer education to medical students. For the past five years, Dennis Mahoney has been a superb and valued member of our teaching faculty. Dennis injects great passion for the teaching of smoking cessation skills, whether he is in a large lecture hall, or teaching in small groups. His magnetic teaching style is long remembered by our medical students, itself no small feat."
Alan Geller Associate Professor (Research)
Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health

"Dennis Mahoney has been a part of my professional life since 1999, when I began to specialize in the field of tobacco treatment. Dennis was one of my instructors in a training course for newcomers to the tobacco control world, and supervised me during a clinical practice group for my tobacco treatment specialist certification. Dennis and I have worked together since as colleagues and co-trainers. When I began my own consulting business several years ago, Dennis was instrumental in supporting me through the steps of planning, marketing, business development, and overall organization. As a trainer, mentor, coach, and colleague, Dennis brings uncommon enthusiasm, expertise, and optimism to his work."
Alice Miele, LICSW, CTTS-M

"I have worked with Dennis Mahoney in my capacity as the Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital - Community Health Associates tobacco treatment program for over five years. Mr. Mahoney has provided consulting for our program and has provided training, technical assistance, and support for the program staff. He has tremendous expertise and experience in clinical training working with very diverse communities. His professional manner and gentle sense of humor have made him a favorite among our clients. The staff of the program also view Mr. Mahoney as a mentor as he is always will in to answer a question, provide clinical advise, or offer a fresh perspective on a particular issue relating to their roles."
Ann-Marie Duffy, MPH
MGH Community Health Associates
300 Ocean Avenue 5th Floor
Revere, MA 02151

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful training you did for the Boston Asthma Nurses Collaborative at the Boston Public Health Commission. Your public speaking skills, your humor and your vast experience with the subject all made it a very popular training. The nurses were very enthusiastic. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you again."

Margaret Reid, RN, Director of Asthma and Diabetes Prevention and Control

How good are Dennis' programs?
​Read the testimonials below to find out more! 

"Dennis bring to his presentations and consulting a passion, empathy and understanding of the material and the environment. The depth and breadth of his experience as a professional, customer, leader, colleague and counselor all shine through reflected in wisdom and savvy. You will come away enlightened, energized and challenged. So set your expectations high!"
Ellen Hafer, executive Vice President and COO
Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers 

Mr. Mahoney has a special skill in conveying information to people. He projects a highly positive energy, is easy for people to relate to and shows true caring and concern for anyone that he is teaching"
Doug Brugge, PhD, MS, Associate Professor
Tufts University School of Medicine

"I have been Privileged to work with Dennis for over 6 years. He is an honest and honorable man. He cares a lot about people and has contributed greatly to the City of Boston’s School 'Emergency Preparedness Program'. When he consults or teaches, he has a wonderful ability to listen to what people need to learn and to make the teaching concise and understandable. He can break down something that is complicated and turn into understandable chunks of knowledge.”
Cathy Couture RN MSN
Nationally Certified School Nurse – City of Boston

"Dennis has mentored me towards developing a successful healthcare speaking and training business. I have known Dennis for over 20 years and have seen Dennis present to audiences on numerous occasions and worked with him on several projects. I recommend Dennis as a mentor, speaker and trainer to a variety of audiences. He is a compassionate person who truly desires to help others. Along with this desire comes years of valuable knowledge and experience, in medicine, health, and humor, which he manages to combine in a delightful fashion. Dennis uses his easygoing style to convey his message in a way that is easy to understand and enjoyable as well. The end result and core value is that participants will leave his programs and guidance, motivated to make positive changes in their professional and/ or personal lives."
Barbara Augello, M.S., EMT-B, President
​Cape Cod Wellness